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Persian artisans have been crafting their heritage and tradition into the beautiful tapestry of their rugs from antiquity. The result is a rich tradition of artistry through which the rest of the world has experienced their vibrant heritage for millennia. All of us at Carpet Symphony welcome you to the unique, exotic world of Persian rugs; we sincerely hope you enjoy your journey.

Antique rugs are the quintessence of weaving craftsmanship. Close inspection of just one of these works of art reveals the history and tradition of its people; traditions passed down for hundreds of years and woven into permanency by the artist at the loom. Each flower possesses meaning; each geometric figure is enshrouded in mystery and laced with symbolism, every color imbued with rich meaning and significance.

In Persian tradition, talismans against evil were woven into each rug in the form of geometric figures and motifs, rife with symbolism. Artisans also enshrined the time in which they lived by including scenes from daily life in their rugs; artistic renderings of animals, people, and everyday objects carefully woven into the design of each rug. The wealth of spectacular beauty left behind by the weavers continues to inspire artists and designers the world over.

The burgeoning collector of antique oriental rugs may experience a sense of connection with an ancient people about which they know perhaps little. An insatiable curiosity to discover more about the unique historical period and people from which one rug originated is not uncommon for even the most seasoned collector. As traditions were born and techniques in weaving adapted, countless variations were woven into the rugs by skilled hands, giving hints for posterity to discover.

Sold and traded across Persia, integration of traditions native to remote regions commonly appeared at the weaver's loom, resulting in a fascinating assimilation of design between East and West carpets. Like an enigma waiting to be carefully solved by an adept mind, each rug tells its story, inviting you to listen, interpret, and share. From loom crafted stories of the Persian nomadic tribes of antiquity to rugs woven under the Safavid or Mughal Empires, Oriental rugs offer an unparalleled affluence of Persian history and tradition.

For thousands of years up to our present time, handmade rugs value as items of luxury and beauty has never faltered. Indeed, an antique Oriental rug is the centerpiece of any room, affording an otherwise unadorned space an opulent air. Even the rarest jewel of Oriental rugs creates an atmosphere of quiet comfort, inviting guests to relaxation and pleasure.

Perhaps you are seeking a warm enhancement to you home's decor, or you may wish to add a touch of luxury to space already well appointed. Adding a rug to your dwelling is a wise choice. Even now these carpets are highly valued and sought after for their luxurious texture, durability, and artistry. The expert craftsmanship and artistry unique to each rugĀ ensure a variety of options from which you will undoubtedly discover a perfect fit for your home.

At Carpet Symphony, we have a passion for Persian and oriental rugs and take pleasure in finding the right tapestry for each client's unique desire. We specialize in selling new and pre-owned rugs of exceeding quality. As always, we consider it our privilege to serve you.